Today, we focus mainly on Australian Cotton, Wheat, Chickpeas and Lentils but are slowly building up our involvement with other Australian Agricultural products such as barley, sorghum, rye, maze, and soybean meal.



Wheat fields

Australia produces some of the highest quality wheat which are used to make higher quality noodles, bread and other value added items in number different Asian countries including Japan and China. Please contact us if you require further info on price and shipment.



Australian cotton growers produce the best quality and the highest yielding cotton in the world.  Agri Direct Australia recognises the responsible growing and sustainable farming practices of these growers and is proud to market this cotton to spinning mills in over 10 countries globally.  Please contact us if you have enquiries for Australian cotton.



Agri Direct Australia is exporting  whole Lentils (Red, Green), Chickpeas( Desi, Kabuli) and other pulses. We can arrange bulk in container or machine dressed in bags. Please contact us for further details.