— June 21, 2021

Agriculture and trade in disrupted economies

Agriculture and trade in disrupted economies

— November 2, 2015

Australian cotton planting report 2016

Australian cotton planting update 2016

— November 2, 2015

Efic Case study

EFIC Case study -

— February 14, 2015

Crop progress Feb'15

Australian crop condition at this time of year is usually favourable, and there is no exception for this year. Farmers in central Queensland (Emerald) areas will be looking at picking their crops towards the mid to end of February.

— November 30, 2014

Planting report 2015

Planting for the 2015 Australian crop is 95% completed. Many of you already may know, severe draught has limited the number of acreage to half of previous years. We are expecting approx. 1.7m bales in 2015 (3.8m bales in 2014). There is no option to increase the planting areas anymore. On the positive side, during the draught years the quality Australian cotton is of the highest grade. About 40-50% of the 2015 crop has been committed to the merchants.

— August 28, 2014

Australian cotton conference 2014

There were record 1800 people attended this years conference. Australan cotton industry was hit with some quality concerns and drought is causing 50% reduction for next year crop. Despite all the challenges, majority of all Australian growers attending the conference shows how resilient and dynamic our Australian cotton industry is.

— June 8, 2014

Australian crop update | Australian Cotton conference | Highlights from China cotton conference.

First of all I would like to remind you all about the Australian Cotton conference from 5th-7th August in Gold Coast, Australia. Please let me know if you are deciding to attend the conference.