Agri Direct Australia partner with Australian farmers and connect them directly with our close network of wholesalers in markets all over the world.

Agri Direct Australia's model focuses on adding value to the supply chain by bringing farmers, wholesalers and the consumer closer together, while minimising operational costs. This approach allows Agri Direct Australia to pass on cost savings to our member farmers and wholesalers.

ADA exports Australian wheat, chickpeas, lentils, canola, oats and other Australian agricultural products to overseas destinations including South East Asia, middle East by containers and bulk shipment. We form close partnership with growers and wholesalers to reduce costs and mitigate risks, by ensuring the highest standards from end-to-end in the export process.

We value our relationships above all else, and our customers and growers know they can trust the quality and professionalism that underpins everything we do at Agri Direct Australia.